traditional recipes3Yes, we merged our mum's and grandma's recipes to make the collection of typical yet simple and delicious dishes people have been eating here for generations.

We believe that food makes bonds between people and cultures very easily, understanding ones cooking and eating habits you get to know all sets of info about a person/nation.

We cook daily for our families, so routines we are using are adjusted to everyday life. Therefore you will be able to reproduce the recipes very easily at your home.
Cooking for us is the way to care about our most beloved while using traditional recipes we believe to show respect to our ancestors. Sharing all this with you, visitors to Zagreb, we hope to make you understand Zagreb easier and remember and love it more.

If you wish to learn to cook an extra extravagant/fusion/impossible-to-pronounce dish - this is not a right place for you.

But if you'd like to learn to prepare a delicious meal originated from where you spent your great holiday - congratulations, you're on the best way to accomplish it.