storiesBy the time we get to the cooking you will already be introduced to Zagreb, its streets, squares, and corners during the tour (preferably cycling, but walking can be an option, too). You won't be a stranger anymore.
Once we get to an authentic central Zagreb apartment we will put on our aprons, roll up our sleeves, and begin preparing our feast. Here we come to the moment when tons of fine details, personal stories, and giggling takes place. While chopping, sorting, stirring, soaking delicious smells..., we will share our stories, mutually - hopefully.

About the food we are making, how and why it was done this way before, we'd like to compare it to your tradition and stories.
The easiest way to get to know one's culture is through its food, so we hope to learn some of yours as well.

So, if you are an experienced chef or hardly ever boiled anything but an egg (or not even) - you will have fun with us, learn something new and have a delicious local meal.