farmers1After exploring Zagreb, we will visit the local farmers' market Dolac, a centrally located place, where we locals buy our food.
Between numerous stalls and picturesque sellers, we are taking you to those small farm owners, who put all their care, love and hard work in every piece they sell.
Purchasing from them we support the local community and also give you excellent healthy and tasty meal. These products feed your soul, not only your body.

We prefer to use only seasonal fresh vegetables, not treated with anything we wouldn't feed our children with ;)
Therefore the menus vary through the year, so we hope you will let us suggest what is best to be prepared at your chosen time.
There are some well-known rules here - what is eaten in Summer, what in Winter and yes, it follows natural circles. The best option is to follow them, just do as we locals are doing.

Sometimes we will surprise you with vegetables we've grown on our own - but let's keep it as a surprise, only at certain times of the year.
What we will definitely use are home-made herbs and spices, we made following traditional routines.